The article states that a political party, political grouping, or independent candidate may only present one list or one candidacy, as the case may be, in an electoral constituency. The candidacy of Sylvain Alongo was dismissed on the grounds that his running mate, Jean-Claude Osundja, was a member of the AFDC, a political party from which he had already resigned well before.

However, the candidate removed from the elections cannot believe it. He does not understand how the CENI, which had even displayed their names on its notice boards after having confirmed the conformity of their file, could declare otherwise, since his resignation letter included in the file proves it. This act, the candidate continues, would be committed intentionally or by omission. A request is currently underway in the court to allow him to regain his right.

As for the gubernatorial candidate Tony Kapalata, who had his name removed from the provisional list on the pretext of belonging to ADEMCO, Action for the Development and Emergence of Congo, even though he had resigned from this party since February 15th.

“It would simply be dilatory maneuvers orchestrated by the CENI in complicity with certain political groupings and other candidates losing ground to dismiss his candidacy,” declared his communications team, adding that the latter will appeal to the wisdom of the head of state, the State Council, and the CENI to quickly correct this error.Gisèle Mbuyi(GM/DNK/Yes)