Dieudonné Bifimanu, a notable Ne-Kongo, previously known as the president of the Solidarity for the Development of Manyanga (SODEMA), has entered the race for the Governorship of Kongo-central, where he promises to transform the region's face.

"We know Central Kongo, we have worked there. So, we have assets to meet the challenges of its development. In less than two years, Kongo Central will change its face. It’s not complicated," he maintains. However, he also points out: "We risk entrusting the province to the highest bidder, whoever it may be. The time has come to help Kongo Central develop".

This tax specialist and internal auditor in a state structure, explains that there is a challenge to take up in terms of development. Quoting Frantz Fanon, who considers that "Africa has the shape of a revolver with its trigger being in Congo," he states that Kongo Central is this trigger that must be activated to initiate the development of the DRC.

As if in a campaign that was not one, the Coordinator of the Kongo Notability and president of the Assanef, laid out the strategies that will help him develop Kongo Central, once elected at the head of this province.

Regarding the question of how he should apply, being from Cataractes while not being from Lukaya which holds the quota to become governor, he evokes the logic of Makuku Matatu from the time of one of the former governors, namely Moanda Vital. Therefore, he recommends giving priority to the stakes of this election.

Boni Tsala