In Bunia, the minister, together with the governor of Ituri province, the provincial minister in charge of health and all the coordination of the response of this province, reviewed the mechanisms of the response to this epidemic.

For Dr. Oly Ilunga, the mechanisms were quickly put in place to fight this epidemic, including the different pillars of the response and the field workers who insist on the importance of community dialogue, community sensitization so that the latter appropriate the riposte. "Public health measures are one thing, but it's mostly the community that has to take ownership of them, accept protective measures and also immunization, a way to break the chain of transmission", minister of Health explained at the press in Bunia. He illustrated his talks by citing his own case during the Mbandaka epidemic in which he and his entire team, which was on the ground, were vaccinated.

The Minister of Health said that, compared to the promise of the Head of State to build a large Ebola treatment center in Ituri, everything is already in place to advance in strengthening the response. The Transit Center to be transformed into an Ebola Treatment Center will be implemented in the coming days and this work is already under way. In addition to this construction, said Minister Oly Ilunga, we must add measures to strengthen the health systems, a project that will be implemented throughout the country.

As for the main challenge to end this epidemic, he reiterated the importance of awareness raising and community mobilization, while affirming that the press also has an important role to play in this struggle, including community and religious leaders, as well as community and street leaders.

"This epidemic must be our problem if we want to end it very quickly," he pleaded. He finally called on the people to trust the government, which intervenes through the Ministry of Health to protect it. He called on the people of Ituri to accept the dignified and safe burial of Ebola victims that is done in accordance with the customs and traditions.