Indeed, over 130 offenders, specifically 'kuluna', were arrested last Monday in various neighborhoods of the Selembao, Bumbu, Bandalungwa, and others in the city of Kinshasa, as part of the "Black Panther" operation implemented by the outgoing government, announced on Tuesday, April 2, the outgoing Minister of Interior and Security, Peter Kazadi.

The "Black Panther" operation is a new government initiative aimed at combating banditry and criminality; it is being carried out by the National Legion (LENI) and was presented to the national executive during last Friday's council of ministers meeting.

The adoption of this measure demonstrates how much the government of the Republic is committed to improving the police force, which will be strengthened by the recruitment and training of 13,000 police officers to intensify on-the-ground action, indicated Peter Kazadi.

Gisèle Mbuyi