Candidate Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi pointed out on Monday, November 20th, in his campaign speech in Muanda (Kongo-Central) that the deep-water port of Banana "will significantly transform the socio-economic life in the city of Muanda, generating numerous jobs".

"Once operational, you will see ships of all kinds docking here, the youth will have several job opportunities, and the city will be developed. And that is why I call on you, who will be the direct beneficiaries of this project, not to sit on your hands and wait for this construction. Start training now and create subcontracting initiatives that will further thrive in a few years," Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi reminded.

Expansion of free education to secondary school

In his address to the population of the town of Boma, President candidate Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi promised, once elected, to do everything in his power to expand free education to the secondary level, in order to further relieve Congolese families, reports the Congolese press agency.

Candidate number 20 has been in Matadi since Monday, November 20th, at night. He is particularly expected in Singini, Tshela, this Tuesday.

According to some sources, during his stay in the Kongo-Central province, the head of state will inaugurate one of the buildings constructed as part of the Local Development Program of 145 territories and the morgue built within the compound of the Kitona military base hospital.