"Abbot Nshole: "Denis Kadima is a candidate carried by policies", FORUM DES AS mentioned. The daily newspaper of Limete 11eme rue reports that one knows more about the reserves of CENCO and ECC in connection with Denis Kadima. Intervening on Tuesday 5 October over Télé 50, the secretary-general of the CENCO burst the abscess.

To believe it, the candidature of Denis Kadima was filled with attempts at corruptions. "Imagine that a monk comes to find another for him to say that it is the candidate of the head. Moreover the jeep is there ", this catholic prelate denounced.

For the CENCO, the problem, it is this eagerness, this determinism which can only be explained in policy, whereas one is a monk. That made suspected a hidden diary.

Abbot Nshole recommends the recourse to article 12, that is to say the return to the box of the departure to start again the process of designation of another candidate, Denis Kadima not having filled the required criteria, namely: neutrality with the current power.

Under the title:"Donatien Nshole:We failed ", L’AVENIR reports that the 72 hours granted by the office of the National Assembly to the religious confessions to harmonize their agreements on the designation of their delegates to the CENI fell null and void, and without consensus.

"We failed. It is really a sad truth handled by the politicians. That gives us to reflect for the future. One cannot accept that the country is blocked around a name ", the catholic prelate regrets.

CONGO NOUVEAU notes on this subject that Union Sacrée is on hard test. For this newspaper, the nomination process of CENI members will allow to measure the unit within this heteroclite "mega political gathering" which had changed the political configuration resulting from the elections of 2018, by precipitating the divorce between the CACH and the FCC.

Following the defect of consensus in the head of the religious confessions on the common candidature to the station of the president of the electoral power station, it is to the National Assembly that returns now the responsibility either to ratify Denis Kadima or to note the no consensus.

The Congolese News Agency (ACP) reports that Felix Tshisekedi ended Tuesday, in Kinshasa, the 2020-2021 academic year of the formation of 6th ordinary session and the 4th promotion of the special session of the College of high studies of strategy and defense (CHESD), as well as 4th promotion of the higher School of military administration (ESAM).

Felix Tshisekedi chaired this ceremony at the side of his colleague of Congo/Brazzaville Denis Sassou.

Corneille Kinsala Nsoki