It is an engineer of the Safricas company which carries out also some of the building work of these works, which delivered information to the CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY ACP, while keeping its anonymity. According to the source, four flyovers out of the five, whose inauguration was announced by the Head of State at the time of his address to the Nation in front of the two Rooms of the Parliament gathered in congress, will be inaugurated this Thursday December 31, 2020 by the president of the Republic, initiator of this project.

It is about, inter alia, of the flyover of the Socimat roundabout and the Mandela place on the Boulevard du 30 Juin, in the municipality of Gombe, then those of Pompage in the municipality of Ngaliema like that of Debonhomme, on Boulevard Lumumba.

One should be announced that work is almost finished, it remains right the installation of the standard lamps on dry stone walls, the marking on the ground to separate the bands, the evacuation of waste and some small final improvements of tar, specified the engineer by pointing out that can go until the beginning of the afternoon of this 30 December of the current year.

And that of 5th of the Municipality of Masina on Boulevard Lumumba, he explained, knew a brake following the destruction of materials by a pouring rain which had fallen down lately on all the congolese capital.

To also note that the OVD and OR are working hard, night and day, for the finalization of these works, promised by the Head of State, within the framework of 100 days of the emergency program.

The construction with regard to the two other flyovers moves well, let know the engineer, except some difficulties related to the bad weather which does not facilitate the good progress of the works.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki