The first Congolese public enterprise created by Prime Minister Lumumba's decree on August 12, 1960, barely 42 days after the proclamation of national independence on June 30, 1960, the Congolese News Agency (ACP) for not quoting it, is today the object of unexpected and immeasurable attacks on the part of predators for whom, nothing is sacred in our country.

They are in fact unrepentant spoilers who, taking advantage of a certain carelessness that has unfortunately reigned for a long time in the real estate and land issues in this country, were mistaken of period in throwing their sights on the concession acquired in good and due form since 1973 by the Congolese State to house the staff and all the services of this highly strategic institution that is the ACP.

But didn’t you see that from nowhere, a complaint is lodged with the High Court of Kinshasa Gombe against the ACP by a person that nobody can identify really to claim the paternity of the ACP concession.

Without flinching and with celerity of conjurer, without the slightest descent on the disputed concession, the Tribunal pronounces a judgment which gives reason to the plaintiff!

In reality, these spoliators and the judicial structures that support them do not only agitate the ACP, but the whole Republic, starting with the first institution of the DRC, namely the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

When we know the determination of the Head of State to fight by all means the anti values including corruption and embezzlement of State property, it is obvious that this desperate attempt by spoliators to take control of some or all the entire ACP concession is doomed to fail.

Because, as a strategic service of the State (as in all countries of the world), the ACP is one of the structures whose day-to-day operations interest all national institutions at any level.

What hides behind the attempt to plunder the ACP's concession, rather than develop senior management and agency staff when, more than ever before, the CPA really takes flight across its internet site and its physical newsletter.

Thus, in addition to recourse in the relevant judicial bodies, the ACP Board of Directors and General Management took care to alert all the authorities of the country, starting with the Head of State. , on this package that attempt to commit with presumptuous predators against a precious common good belonging to all Congolese.

This is the place to urge all the services empowered to seize this file to not only stop the spur of the sale of the real estate assets of the State, but especially to repress in an exemplary way the spoliators and their accomplices, even those in some cogs of the State.