The reform of public enterprises gave birth to a mouse. And for good reason- there is this political black hand that has taken hold of the portfolio companies. By the time the FCC and CACH vie for dividing the electoral booty of December 2018, the Head of State would do better to save the portfolio companies of this political game. The experts are categorical on one point: to include the sharing of portfolio companies in the FCC-CACH policy agenda is to devote their certain disappearance. Only expertise must prevail in the choice of future public agents.

The principle of the famous sharing of the cake by politicians in power in public companies is at the center of the frantic struggle between politicians. This is one of the recent causes of UDPS and PPRD activists. This gluttonous appetite of politicians in public companies largely explains the failure of public enterprise reform; process due to $ 180 million by the World Bank between 2003 and 2014.

With the accession of Felix Tshisekedi to the highest office, it is expected that the reform process of portfolio companies will be revived. In this new challenge, the biggest challenge remains and remains the break with the great wave of politicization of portfolio companies. Today, portfolio companies need a makeover to get back on their feet. To politicize them, as it has been the case in recent years, is to condemn them to an uncertain bankruptcy, even though some of them are almost out of payment.

Contrary to habits, the political class must stop being the place par excellence where the members of the management committees of the portfolio companies are recruited. Although the political dimension will necessarily be taken into account in the choice of certain agents, the criteria of competence, probity and experience must prevail over everything. The emergence, which is the DRC's stated objective under the leadership of Felix Tshisekedi, also involves quality public companies.

We must end the culture of "sharing the cake" which has caused irreparable damage in the portfolio sector. At a time when the DRC is negotiating a decisive turning point in its history, consecrated by the advent of Felix Tshisekedi, the Congolese state which remains the sole owner of transformed public enterprises, must promote a generation of managers capable of taking public companies out of the hole black...