Under the title "Félix Tshisekedi recruits within the FCC", LE POTENTIEL announces the publication of the government at the latest July 15th. The newspaper affirms that between the FCC and the CACH, the discussions are well advanced on the formation of the government. In the corridors of the presidency, a date is on everyone's lips, on July 15.

We know, however, that the allocation of the ministerial ministries is no longer a problem. Indeed, using the prerogatives conferred by the Constitution, the Head of State managed to regain full power over the four regal ministries, namely the Defense, the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Justice. The President of the Republic will also have the Minister of Finance as a bonus. For the Head of State, this provision should no longer be put back on the table of discussions. Felix Tshisekedi could well by virtue of his discretionary power draw as much in the FCC as in the CACH.

FORUM DES AS is focusing on the government, the controversy around court judgments and appointments within the portfolio. "Fatshi called to fix opinion", the daily newspaper of Limete reports. This newspaper notes that the Democratic Republic of Congo is experiencing a strong tension. The country is indeed facing a storm of violence that may embrace it, if we take care. The recent appointments within the SNCC and Gécamines, the decisions of the High Court validating and invalidating the deputies, the elastic waiting of the new Government ... there are some points that already overheat minds, in Kinshasa as in the provinces, where the there are cascading uprisings. Challenged, President Felix Tshisekedi is called to quickly fix the opinion.

L’AVENIR devotes its main title to "the extraordinary session in view" after the closing on June 15 at the People's Palace of the ordinary session. The extraordinary session, once convened, will be used to examine and adopt the draft Rules of Procedure of the Congress, in accordance with the provisions of article 114, paragraph 3 of the Constitution. It is the same of the verification of the credentials of the substitute of deputies who opted for the incompatible functions with the constituents of national deputy and the validation of the powers of those proclaimed elected at the end of the publication of the final results of the legislative elections as soon as possible that the office will have received the notifications of the judgments relating thereto and the transmission by the Ceni the files relating thereto.

LA PROSPERITE is interested in the situation that is happening at the SCPT. "SCPT: Kamerhe ends the strike!". Vital Kamerhe, Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, has an idea of what is happening at the SCPT. That is why, recently, responding to a letter from Patrick Umba, the Director General of this company, he asked Henri Yav Mulang, the Minister of Finance, in collaboration with Pierre Kangudia, the Minister of State for the Budget, proceed to the payment in emergency mode of the debt due by the State to the SCPT.

The Inspector General of Labor, after bitter negotiations, had invited all stakeholders to sign a conciliation report. This, in turn, should, in principle, allow to declare a truce, to restore order and finally to restore social peace and stability. From where, the agents and executives, whatever their ranks and functions, are invited henceforth, to keep calm and to resume the work.