In a message on Saturday 24 March 2018 and signed by its Secretary-general, Antoine Gizenga, Palu does not make mystery of its ambition to win the elections, on all the levels, and assumes the heavy task of the direction of the public affairs at the top of the State.

Being about the presidential function, the voted by plebiscite candidate is nobody other that patriarch Antoine Gizenga.

One can note, on this subject, that Adolphe Muzito, former deputy permanent Secretary who had publicly revealed his ambition for the same station, on behalf of Palu, and required that the Presidential Majority returns to its party the elevator handed to him in 2006, in the absence of what the alliance concluded in its time to save Joseph Kabila was considered null and void, heavily sanctioned.

The suspension of this biological and political heir to its functions wanted to be a message clear on the exclusiveness in the future candidature of patriarch Gizenga for the supreme office of the country in December 2018.

The great concern of the hour is to know if this old man still has the physical and intellectual resources which a function as prestigious requires as stressing.

The question must be put when one remembers that in 2008, he had resigned of his post of Prime Minister due to his advanced age and his concern of not blocking the governmental machine by his physical and intellectual incapacity to manage the files of the Republic.

The dream of that who had taken his political retirement ten years ago astonishes many people.

That's no problem; Palu already shows its ambitions to rule the country. And if the people decides some thus in the ballot boxes, such a choice should be assumed by all the Congolese.