Election campaign : "Kabila knocks on the door of Maniema", announces LA PROSPERITE. The country town of the province of Maniema was honoured by Joseph Kabila, the candidate n°3 who launched his election campaign officially there, this newspaper reveals.

It was in the presence of Mrs. Olive Lembe Kabila, his wife, of Evariste Boshab, secretary-general of the PPRD and some members of his biological and political family, without forgetting several members of government.

During nearly 30 minutes, Joseph Kabila testified his gratitude to the population of Maniema in general, and that of Kindu, in particular, to have massively voted for him at the time of the elections of 2006. He, to this occasion, recalled the promises that he had made to this population and which he held during his first five years period.

Under the title: "Monusco draws the bell of alarme", L’AVENIR announces that the beginning of the election campaign was marked last Friday 28 October by 4 victims by balls, a death and three wounded people at the time of an incident to Mbuji-Mayi, in the province of Kasaï Oriental.

It was at the time of a manifestation of the Labour Party. In the same way to Kinshasa, of the confrontations between militants of the PPRD and those of the UDPS are announced to Lemba and in the commune of Masina, causing a death, casualties, arrests and important properties damaged.

This campaign starts under the political intolerance way, with the presence of the heinous speeches which go up in power. Sign that does not hide the holding of a good election campaign that many wish to be transparent, democratic and especially appeased. Monusco recalls that the freedom of gathering, the free and constructive political debate and the freedom of expression are important and must be protected during the program.

For this reason, Monusco launches a call to the civic sense of all and would like to still recall that each one to a responsibility and a role to be played so that the elections take place in an appeased climate. It asks the government to immediately open an investigation to determine the conditions under which these people lost the life or were wounded and to establish the responsibilities.

Le POTENTIEL gives a report on a dialogue between Bill Richarson and the candidates at the presidential election. Congolese keep of him the image of the carrier of the guillotine message of the American administration against the marshal Mobutu at the end of his reign.

Bill Richarson, at the time ambassador of the USA in the United Nations, had asked the ex-dictator to leave the power in order to prevent that his body is not tragged in the streets of Kinshasa, synonymous of humiliation.

Mr.Richarson who is not working any more, rules the NDI (national democratic Institute), an American structure in charge of promotion of the democracy and good management.

His passage to Kinshasa would like him to mean that many things would still worry the international community on the course of the elections of November 28, 2011?

(Corneille Kinsala/CKS/PKF)