LE PHARE announces a rise of tension between Kinshasa and Brussels and wonders: "How can one do make silent the Belgians".

The daily of the Lukusa Avenue notes that the couple DRC -Belgium seems to have re-tied with its household quarrels of the year Mobutu. The "Noko" –that is Belgians - made come out of its gongs, last week, Joseph Kabila. The Congolese president didn't appreciate the content and the tonality of the message brought him by three Belgian ministers in stay in Kinshasa, to know Karel De Gucht (Foreign Affairs), Pieter De Crem (Defence) and Charles Michel (Cooperation).

And, he said loud and strong that he would not accept lessons "carrying on the good governance, the corruption, the mining contracts, human rights, the bilateral or multilateral cooperation…

The colleague notes that it is to the Congolese to organize their country, to clear the way of the social and economic progress, to install the democracy, to improve conditions of life of the big number to deserve the respect of others, finally. In spite of the verbal climbing, "DRC - Belgium: not of rupture", puts up LE POTENTIEL in its delivery of this Tuesday.

According to the colleague of Bas-Congo Avenue, "to something, exemption -forgiveness - misfortune is good. Certainly, between Belgium and the DRC, the tone went up from spunk since last week. But in Kinshasa and Brussels, no one speaks "of diplomatic" incident. Hardly come back in their country, the three Belgian ministers who have just stayed in DRC underlined it at the time of a debate to RTBF (Radio Television of Belgium). A thing is certain: the hour is not yet to the rupture.

LA REFERENCE PLUS sharing the same point of view, because it headlines: "Kabila - Karel De Gucht: that is sufficient". Too much, it is too much, appraises the newspaper of Ipakala Abeiye. The two countries have interest to avoid the verbal escalation on all sides after the sinewy declarations. The colleague calls flatterers of the Kabila regime to the moderation, because Belgium remains important for the DRC even if China invests billions there.

LE PALMARES writes in its main headline that distributing strokes to tower of arm, "After Kabila, Karel De Gucht accuses Kagame". According to this newspaper, the Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister regretted that Rwanda lets exercise the trade of products coming from the DRC, suggesting to reinforce the control on the near the border Rwando-Congolese airports.

The chief of the diplomacy of the Kingdom of Belgium made this declaration to his stopover in Cameroon to the return of his delegation from Bujumbura where he had to meet the president Nkurunziza.

He accused Paul Kagame to refuse opening a dialogue with Hutus rebel present in the two Kivus definitely. And to add: "Rwanda could play a more positive role in the solution in the East of Congo, to help the DRC to come out of the stagnation. He did not do it".

LA PROSPERITE attracts the attention on the closing of the Martyr stadium and headline: "Kabila and Gizenga risk thick".

In less than one week, reveals the colleague of the Justice Avenue, the FIFA comes to Kinshasa to value the works of repairing of the Martyr stadium. Until yesterday Monday April 28 in the evening, the ten enterprises recruited to execute works were again asking a global envelope besides of 6 millions USD. It is more than likely that the stadium of Martyrs, constructed by Mobutu thanks to the Chinese, is closed after next May 5. To what case, Kabila and Gizenga should expect a disavowal of the millions of fanatics of the Congolese soccer, not to have succeeded in inflecting the course of events. The honour of the country won't be less started of them.

UHURU reveals that the "Chinese Contracts (are) expected to the national assembly", to answer to the imperative of the good governance. The newspaper of Colette Tshomba notes that a climate somewhat deleterious seems to get settled in the political circles where one doesn't quit wonders about the future of relationship Belgo - Congolese with regard to the risks having enamelled the visit on content of tension.

According to this newspaper, the root of the problem turns around the DRC - China partnership of which immediate consequence could result in the flat to put on the centennial cooperation with the classic western partners as Belgium.